Brexton Renaissance

2001.01.29:  Updated the Announcements page with a little bit on the (lack of) major news in 2000. Updated the Photos page to break it into Exterior/Interior/Misc shots and added thumbnails for those that were missing.

2000.04.13:  Major updates to the site, changes throughout. I've moved to a new navigation paradigm (all content links are now in the left frame as opposed to distributed through the "content" pages), added updates to all items. Sorry this has taken so long, it's been a very busy year. Also seems that Zumot has been busy this year, with some of the first real evidence of progress in the Brexton itself (as opposed to just on paper).

1999.12.14:  Reformatted the "Help Us" page and the main page a bit for readability.

1999.12.04:  Added images from Fall 1997 (including the bext image I have of the oculus), and increased bandwidth allocation from the service provider for this site. Added Treasurer to the Help Us page.

1999.11.28:  Fixed some missing thumbnails (I coulda sworn they were there a week ago).

1999.11.19:  Added quick comments and info about the Auction Sale on November 17th.

1999.11.14:  Added wwwboard-based open forum.

1999.11.06:  Begin complete site redesign. All links below will be broken. New design has left-frame for navigation, graphical buttons and more logical and navigable content. Also planning to add many of the photos to the site, and implement many new features.

1999.11.04:  Updated brexton opening page with auction details, date/time/place, links to seller, auction and others, and request for people to attend the auction.

1999.11.01:  The Brexton Goes to Auction. Updated brexton opening page with this announcement.

1999.6.6:  Updated Mail links on all pages, added Baltimore Sun announcement to the opening page, and moved all Brexton-related pages to a brexton directory. Announcements updated through May, 1999.  Added endorsements and supporters to the About page.

1999.4.24:  Updated graphics across the pages.

1998.9.25:  Added grey image and edited some text on opening page.

1998.9.24:   Updated building list for the Walking Tour.  Added targets in the News page.  Added this changelog.  Added Media news page.  Added links to cultural locations in the neighborhood here.

1998.9.10:   Updated news page.